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Enterprise AI

Increase Account Penetration 

Empower your relationship managers with automated personalized messaging that promotes cross-selling and upselling opportunities, resulting in increased average contract value (ACV) and enhanced customer loyalty.

Reduce Churn and Drive Retention

Meet regulatory and compliance standards

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Fraud Management

Protecting your business from fraud by better understanding your customers. Use Savy Detect to detect fraud and effectively communicate with customers in a way that helps them understand the context of suspicious activity and the actions required.

Strategic Partnership


Business Banking

With AI

Unlock Personalized Connections and Drive Revenue Growth with Gen AI-powered Relationship Management

Automated Know-your-customer (KYC)

Use Savy AI to analyze insights of the customer screening to determine true or false hit. Automate adverse media screening to avoid manual checking of news during the KYC process. 

Loan portfolio Management 

Analyze the latest news, developments and financials of customers using AI the moment the data is available. Empower your team to act quicker when there is any portfolio alert or early warning signs of adverse business performance.

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Personalized Sales

Leverage the power of Savy's Machine Learning and Generative AI technology to deliver tailored messages to each customer, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of their unique needs.

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